Surrey  Hill  Whippets


We had a family reunion at the AWC National in Eugene, Oregon...

Right to left is Butters, Jasper (sire), Kohl and Vendome

Here are Jasper and Kohl. We were very proud to show off Jasper's first litter!

Surrey Hill's Golden Boy
(Ch. Chelsea Chalcedoney x "Pea")

"Butters" has had great success from puppy class.  He won his first point, BOB, and made the cut in group the second day of the Philadelphia Bench Shows.  He followed this up with a very good showing on the Florida Circuit, winning a 4 point major and BOS over a special under Jacqueline Stacy, and the next day 2 points and BOW/BOS under Isabel Stoffers.  We can hardly wait to show him off at specialties.
Butters lives with Kristen Fredericks of Mariner Whippets, is co-owned by Surrey Hill, and usually handled by Laura Kieffer

==>> Flash: Back-to-back WD/BOS in Buffalo, for four more points--thank you Sharon Krough and Judy Harrington! Butters has 11 points and a major at just ten months of age.
==>> Flash: Butters wins his second major at the Celtic Cluster!--BOW/BOS over Special!  Butters has just one point to go and has been pulled from all-breed shows pending his trip to the National.
==> Flash: Butters wins 12-18 class at the AWC National!
== Flash-Flash: Butters finishes his next show out at Bucks County Kennel Club!
Butters has won five BOB's in two weekends out as a move-up and new special.  Butters will be specialed selectively the rest of 2008 with his handler, Laura Kieffer.
==> Flash: Butters puppies are expected.  His first litter is out of SBIS Ch. Chelsea Melt Everyone.  Check out the Coreymore website for updates (!   We may also be having Butters puppies at Surrey Hill this summer.  Check back later for updates.
==>> Flash: Butters has won 7 BOB's since finishing and was BOS at the AWC Supported Entry the day before the AWC Eastern Specialty! His first litter is due momentarily--watch the Coreymore website for more information on Butters' first babies.

==>> Flash: BUTTERS WINS THE AWC MIDWEST SPECIALTY! SBIS at just 15 Months of Age!  Thank you, Ms. Sakson, for this exciting and prestigious win!

Surrey Hill's White Vienna
(Ch. Chelsea Chalcedoney x "Pea")
"Kohl" went to the Allentown shows and look what he brought back!  WD/BOS both days for a total of 3 AKC points, plus a placement in the Puppy Group. We are very excited about this beautiful puppy.   He lives with Pat Spinazzola in Maryland and is co-owned with Surrey Hill
==>> Flash: WD/BOW/BOS under Gretchen Bernardi!
==>> Flash: Another WD/BOS under Gretchen Bernardi!
==>>Flash: Kohl WD under Gerhardt Flyck-Pederson and Mrs. Pollender-Calcinari.  He's really racking up the points!
Kohl had a wonderful CWA racing debut, placing in the meet match and racking up 12 points and  7th overall his first time running as an adult.
==>> Flash: Kohl takes points two out of the four days of the Blue Claw Cluster/Potomac Hound Show weekend, shown by his owner, Pat Spinazzola! Congratulations to Pat on her first-ever owner-handled points!  Kohl is singled out and looking for majors.
==>> Flash: "Kohl" had a great AWC Midwest weekend, placing 2nd or 3rd in the big Open Dog class under Mr. Delaney, Ms. Sakson, and Ms. Dumke.  He also got his first JC leg at the AKC test held in conjunction with the supported entry on Friday.  He went on to RWD at the specialty under Sharon Sakson--we are VERY proud of Kohl! Thank you to Karen Roberson for showing him at the specialty.

"Caper & Bindi"

Surrey Hill's Petaluma JC RN - "Capercaille"

Surrey Hill's Bindaree  - "Bindi"
(Am.Aust.Ch. Byerley Savile Row x Ch. "Pivoine")

"Caper" and "Bindi" had a great day at the AWC Supported Entry the day after the AWC Eastern Specialty. Judge Richard Byrd awarded Caper BOW and Bindi RWB.  The next weekend, Bindi took her 2nd major, ably handled by her owner, Lisa Buzzell.  Bindi needs just two points to finish. Caper has continued to win points shown by Laura Kieffer for owner Lisa Duffy".   She is now up to 8 points, including the four point AWC Supported Entry major.

Fawn brindle particolor Caper has been lightly shown, but won her Futurity class at the AWC National. She finished her ASFA FCh. title in grand style and has raced WRA.  She completed her Rally Novice at the AWC National, and has her first leg towards her CD. She's also coming along very quickly in agility.  Caper is an all-around dog and future Versatility threat for her owner and trainer, Lisa Duffy, and her co-owner, Iva Kimmelman.

Red brindle with white trim Bindi is nearly singled-out and has owner-handled BOB's from puppy class.  She is also major-pointed in AKC coursing and is a Grade C racer in WRA.  We hope she will have an even better year in 2007 for her owner, Lisa Buzzell of Deep Woods Whippets.  Another keen and versatile puppy from Pea's half-Aussie crew.

FLASH!! Bindi takes a 5 point AWC Supported entry major!

Surrey Hill's Petaluma CD RN NA OAJ FCh CR, CGC
(Aust. & Am.Ch. Byerley Savile Row x "Pivoine")

Caper and owner Lisa Duffy have been on a roll in obedience/agility.  Most recently, she won a 1st in Open Standard and completed her OAJ title (Jumpers) with another gorgeous, fast run. She's pretty, too, and will be back in the show ring soon.
==>> Flash: Caper is now being shown by Laura Kieffer and has already gone WB/BOW in her first few outings! She also won a CWA meet match her first CWA meet, over multiple AKC champions.  We see great things ahead for this new team!
==>> Flash: Two more points under William Barton at Shawnee KC!

Surrey Hill's Ripon Jewel
(Pungo x English Mabel)
Jewel has come back to Surrey Hill to live with us, and we couldn't be happier.  She won a 2nd place in her first ASFA trial and we look forward to completing her running titles this year.  She's a lovely girl and a joy to live with.  She will also be shown on a limited basis.    Jewel is co-owned with Kristen Fredericks.
==>> Flash: Jewel finishes her ASFA F.Ch. in three weekends out with our friend, Ian Davies! Thank you very much, Ian and Carlee, for hosting Jewel while she ran for her F.Ch. title!  Jewel also has a Top 10 in CWA racing.
==>> Flash: Jewel goes BOB at the JRRWA Specialty field trial, topping a field of 17 F.Ch. stake entries! In three trials as a F.Ch. she has 100 points towards her LCM and two firsts!

Ch. Diablesse Say Surrey Hill F.Ch. OTR
(Aust. & Am.Ch. Byerley Savile Row x "Pea")

Pigale returned to the AKC show ring in fall of '07, after a nearly 9 month absence. He wasted no time accumulating the rest of the points needed for his championship title.  His two most impressive point wins were a Maryland major won under Australian judge Derek Hyde, and a 5 point AWC Supported Entry major in Massachusetts under respected international breeder/judge Thomas Munch (FlicFlac Whippets--Germany), and he also won a Group III the first day of the Philadelphia Bench Show weekend.  He was handled to these wins by Karen Lee and to the rest of his singles by owner Leila Anchini, who finished him in a nice way the kickoff weekend of the Florida Circuit with BOS over two specials.  Pigale returns to the field now to pick up the last few points he needs for his ASFA and AKC Lure Coursing titles.  He also had a great debut in CWA racing with 4 ARX points at his first meet, and he is a Grade B NOTRA racer.
I am extraordinarily proud of this very versatile Whippet, and I enjoyed being able to handle him for Leila.  He was a lot of fun to show.
==>> FLASH: New ASFA Field Champion!
==>> FLAH: Pigale wins BOW for 4 points his first time shown in Canada the weekend of the Canadian Whippet National!  He followed up by taking points at the field trial the day after the National!

Ch. Surrey Hill's Galafrey F.Ch. OTR CR ARX
(Aust. & Am.Ch. Byerley Savile Row x "Pivoine")
"Bonzer" finished his ARX with a Top 10 placement at the CWA National Meet.  He is now also a Dual-Purpose Champion Excellent--one of only two to earn this coveted title so far in 2007.
Photo by Laurie Erickson

"Bonzer" had a great fall and winter.  He finished his ASFA title with ease, picked up 8.5 ARX points in two weekends racing as an adult, and then had a nice streak of five point wins in a row, including a major and a WD sweep at the prestigious Philadelphia KC Benched Show, also called "The National Dog Show".  This spring, he picked up two singles, handled by Joe Buchanan, and finished with a BIG BOB over specials in Maryland, owner-handled. You can check out his many successful half-siblings at Merci Isle  His sire has already made a wonderful contribution to American Whippets and Bonzer and his littermates are fine examples of the versatility of many of the Sav kids. 
Flash!!! Bonzer picks up 5 more ARX points in April
Flash!!! Bonzer wins his first 1st placement towards his LCM at the May PHAST trials!
Bonzer ==>> winner of the Lure Coursing Dog class at the 2008 AWC National, and High Scoring Bench Champion in Trial over a large entry of champions at the AWC Specialty Lure Trial.  We are very proud of these two wins for our versatile Bonzer!

Diablesse Vendome Says Surrey Hill
(Ch. Chelsea Chalcedoney x "Pea")

"Vendome" took RWB at her only AKC show to date, and followed that up with Group One at the large Valley Forge KC All-Breed Match under a sighthound breeder/judge.  She will be starting her show career in earnest very soon!
==>> Flash: First point! BOW/BOS under Mr. Berrios!
==>> Flash: BOB over Specials under Mrs. Keke Kahn!
==>> Flash: Vendome wins her class at the AWC Futurity in Eugene
==>> Flash: Vendome goes Best in Sweepstakes at the Canadian Whippet National, handled by her co-owner, Leila!

==>> Flash: Vendome garnered a 1st, two 2nd's, and a 3rd in the large and LOVELY 12-18 bitch class the weekend of the Midwest Specialty under four of the judges.  She went on to a 5 point major RWB under Mrs. Harriet Lee at the AWC Supported entry.  Not only that, but she ran her JC tests in great style to obtain her JC title.  Vendome shows a lot of talent in the ring and the field--and will shortly make her straight racing debut.  She is a true reflection of her heritage.

Am. Can. Ch. Surrey Hill's Glenmorangie OTR TRP DPC
(Pungo x Lydia)

Maura finished her AKC championship 17 months of age in March of 2006 with four majors, two of which were won under breeder/judges.  She finished her CKC championship the same month, ably handled by Linda Buchholz (Swiftsure).  Maura has 8 ARX points and although she did not course very much in 2006, she is halfway to her ASFA title.  One would not think to look at her that she would be a fast showbred sprint racer, but she certainly is.  We look forward to lots more racing and coursing with her in 2007, and maybe a few specials ring appearances since she loves the breed ring so much.
Maura will be bred in 2008.

Ch. Taejaan Innocent Eyes
(Aust. Ch. Taejaan One Step Closer x Aust. Ch. Chelsea Let Your Light Shine)

Link to pedigree:

Delta lives in Virginia with Kristen Fredericks, and is owned by Kristen, Deann Christianson, and Karen Lee.  Delta is a California group winner and major pointed, and started her east coast show career off with a bang, winning the Open class and RWB at the AWC Supported entry the day before the Eastern Specialty.  Delta will be campaigned this year handled by Laura Kieffer, Joe Buchanan, or her owners.

Most importantly, she has already proven herself an outstanding producer, with winning pups in Australia and the USA.  To see Delta's puppies and relatives, visit the Chelsea and Taejaan web pages.  We look forward to incorporating her beautiful Australian/American pedigree into our own programs next year when she will hopefully be finished in the breed ring.
==>> Flash: Delta heats up the winter show scene!  In the past few months, Delta has added 8 more points to her total, including a major won on the Florida Circuit under Gretchen Bernardi, and WB under breeder/judge Isabel Stoffers (Runners).  She has also won a BOB in Virginia and made the cut in a tough Hound group.  At 13 points including both majors, she is in the home stretch.  Thanks to Laura Kieffer for her always-beautiful presentation and care of Delta.
==>> Flash: Delta wins again in Florida! WB/BOS over a top 10 special! Delta has just one point to go!
==>> Flash: Delta finishes in Ohio! Many thanks to Laura Keiffer for ably handling Delta to ALL of her East Coast points!

Kentruth Ardbeg Provenance
(Pungo x Surrey Hill Silkrock Lydia)

"Barra" has both majors and other points, including a BOB over Top 10 Specials, owner-handled by Lesley Merrill.  To see a repeat breeding of the winning combination produced Barra, Uma, and Maura, check the Puppies page.

Ch. Kentruth Auschentashen
(Pungo x Surrey Hill Silkrock Lydia)

"Uma" has 11 points and a major including a BOB over a Top 10 Special, all owner-handled from the Bred-By Exhibitor Bitch class.  We are very proud of Maura's beautiful sisters, competing and winning in the southeast!
==>> FLASH: Uma finishes under Gary Deorge!  She won every point from the Bred-By class, handled by breeder/owner Lesley Merrill.  Congratulations Uma and Lesley!"

Surrey Hill Ice Queen of Mariner
(Pungo x English Mabel)

Good things are worth waiting for...they also come in small packages!  Petite and beautiful Inga has been patiently waiting in the wings.  She will be making appearances in the ring and also at field trials this year.  We don't know what the judges will make of her, but we adore her!  She is a flawlessly sound mover of beautiful English type, with that fabulous satin coat that her mother has.  Inga lives at Mariner Whippets with Kristen Fredericks and is co-owned and co-bred by Surrey Hill.  Watch for her!  She will be entered very selectively under judges we feel will appreciate her extreme virtues.
==>> FLASH: At Inga's first and so far only AKC show, she goes BOB over special and Group IV for her first 2 AKC points! Thank you, judge Sharon Krogh!

Surrey Hill Casting the Runes F.Ch. OTRM TRP DPC
(Barkley x English Mabel)

Photo by Laurie Erickson

Photo by Ule James

"Tabitha" was Best in Match in an entry of over 60, including specialty winners and many champions, under Judge Mary Magee at the CWA Annual Match in Wisconsin.  This is the fourth time a Surrey Hill owned/bred Whippet has won this match.

"Tabitha" has earned 2 of the required 4 1st placements in F.Ch. stake towards her ASFA LCM title  in just a few weekends out in 2006.  One of her few AKC coursing appearances resulted in her earning her first AKC FC points, as well.  I think Tabitha needs to do more lure coursing in 2007 and really go for those higher coursing titles.
In her few breed ring appearances in 2006, she won the Lure Coursing Bitches class at the AWC National over Am.Ch. competition.   She also took the JRRWA July 4th Versatility Best in Match in a large entry of show and racing-bred dogs.

"Sadly, Tabitha's competitive career has come to an end due to a collision at a racing event which left her paralyzed. With surgical care and time and physical therapy, she is making great progress and is walking well on her own and we hope she will eventually be able to have puppies, but a return to the show ring is unlikely and a return to racing or coursing is forbidden.  Many thanks to all her fans and friends for their kindness to Tabitha and to me during her injury and recovery."